Makeup tips for plus sized women

Are you are a plus size women looking for a flattering outfit, to slim your overall appearance? There are few are few tips that they can give you a slim look; makeup. Make up for plus size women play a significant role. At times, you might lose weight, yet have a round face which makes you look little fuller than you’d like. There are some basic makeup tips that will compliment, use these tricks and tips to help make your face look slimmer!

Style rules for plus-size women

Face Foundation Shading Tips for Round Faces

It’s essential to use two different shades of foundation. Decide one that blends with your skin tone and one a little darker. The lighter foundation should be applied on the nose, chin, and forehead area and under eyes. The darker shade should be applied to the complete areas of your temples and jaw line. Ensure that it blend correctly so that the lines are picture perfect and your neck doesn’t look as if it’s too light than the darker contouring shadow of the foundation used.

Eyebrow Shaping Tips for Round Faces

Ensure your eyebrows are in correct proportion with your other features. If you have a round face, you’ll wish for an extremely arched brow. Adding sharper angles with your eyebrows would lessen the rounded curves of your face. This will automatically give your face a slim look. It’s a great plan to have your eyebrows proficiently shaped at least once. Then you can maintain the shape. Forget about the size, face shape, or complexion; a smoky eye can look good on anyone. The shape and size of the eye can express more than anything else. Brighten the eye area up and give yourself an attractive look.

Blush & Bronzer to shape Your Face

Besides using foundation for contouring, the use of bronzer to get contouring effects can be effective. Just suck in your cheeks and use relevant bronzer to the hollow areas. In case you dislike bronzers; you may choose to use a darker loose powder. It is recommended to avoid applying blush, to the apples of your cheeks. As a substitute, you may choose to apply the colours on the back of the cheekbone, toward the temple.

Every face is a beautiful face. Don’t feel shy, uncomfortable and dejected at your chubby-self or for not being a stunning woman with curves. There are plus size  or BBW makeup tips to make you look Haute and hot. Makeup may play an essential role to enhance the beauty and features, no matter what your physical size maybe. A proper and careful touch and give you an overall slimmer look.

It is essential to be proud the way you are. However, making a little tweaks to your appearance to give your partner or spouse a pleasant surprise, wouldn’t be a bad idea. Follow the aforementioned guidelines and get a refreshing look.