Tips to take the perfect picture for your BBW dating profile

It has been said that the first impression is usually the last impression. With hundreds of users joining dating sites each day, do you think that an average internet user would have a great deal of profile to go through your profile, reading each detail to determine if you’re the right choice? Dating experts have an answer to this.

Plus sized of chubby individuals usually face the fury while posing for pictures. After all, who wants to look terrible in the picture? While being a little chubby isn’t necessarily a bad thing, it would be great if you could do something to hide that extra fat while posing for a profile picture. Here are a few tips worth considering:

·Go outdoors: A natural environment with certainly add to the X-factor in your pictures. As a matter of fact, most cameras take great pictures outdoors, while photos taken in a darker environment usually turn out to be grainy. Pictures taken at exotic locations such as beaches or while trekking would give an impression that you’re a fun loving person.

·Choose the best attire: Choose the attire that you feel great in. There is no point in wearing something in which you’re not comfortable. If you feel great in that outfit, you’d certainly look better in the picture. It has been said that 80 percent of your beauty depends on how you feel about yourself. So, choose something that gets the best out of you. If you happen to be a little chubby, your attire would matter a lot. Firstly it is essential that you’re wearing undergarments that fit well so that your assets don’t sag. Also, avoid tight or extremely flowing clothes that would make you look larger than you really are. Experts also believe that wearing darker shades make people look a shade thinner than they actually are.

·No sunglasses: While you might be worried about the coolness factor, it has been observed that people hardly find sunglasses attractive. It is said that eyes are the windows of the soul, which is why you shouldn’t be hiding it behind shades. People like to look into your eyes to know who you really are. Even if you’re wearing sunglasses choose the ones what make your face look leaner. Wayfarers would be an apt choice if you have a round face.


·Don’t look shabby: The gym is certainly not the best place to take a picture that is worthy of featuring on your profile. You’d be sweating, your hair would be a mess and the attire would certainly not be any attractive. If needed, you may put up some make up too. Little tricks like covering eye circles, highlighting the top of your cheek bones and forehead, and using pink lip color could make your face look lighter and appealing.

·Avoid posing being seated: Regardless of your pose, it would be better if you take a picture while standing. In this way, you’d look thinner and let’s accept, nobody would want to see your cropped image. On the other hand, if you’re sitting in a skirt or short dress, crossing your legs at the ankle wouldn’t expose too much thigh, making you look leaner.

·No pictures at concerts / clubs: Lighting conditions play a crucial role in determining the quality of the image. While taking pictures at the club or a concert would show that you’re a party freak, it wouldn’t give the other person a clear idea of how you look in real. This is definitely a hindrance when you’re looking forward to meeting them in person. Moreover, group pictures are a big turn off as other users wouldn’t be able to determine who the profile actually belongs to.

·Avoid straight on body shots: This pose would show your body at its widest, which is certainly not what you’d want. It would be a great idea to stand at a slight angle at it would hide some imperfections and you’d eventually look slimmer. This would be an intelligent tactic if you have a lot of fat around the belly.

·Pull your shoulders back: If you’re a plus sized woman, doing this would accentuate your collar bone and make your arms slimmer. Besides, this would also make you appear polished and put together, which is undoubtedly a quality that other look out for in their companion.

According to experts, profiles that have a picture attract 80 percent more visitors compared to those having no picture. In addition, the quality of the picture would also make a huge difference. Follow the aforementioned tips and get ready to pose.


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