How can plus sized women boost their confidence on dating sites?

According to statistics issued by the Center for Disease control and prevention (See CDC report here), around 34 percent of adults in the United States are suffering from weight related issues. To add insult to injury, movies and TV shows have always shown that people that are slim find love while plus sized ones are usually sidelined. Nevertheless, it goes without saying that people of all shapes and sized find love.

In spite of this, when an overweight person enters the online dating scenario, all she/he faces is rejection. The confidence of the person takes a hit, which has a considerable impact on the overall appeal of the individual. It has been said that confidence is a critical parameter when you’re looking to find a match. Things tend to get tougher when this happens. However, there are ways that can boost your confidence level, thereby giving you the necessary impetus to find a life companion.

Self acceptance is essential: Unless you accept yourself as a beautiful person, you’d never have the courage to show others how beautiful you are. Remember, not everyone is supposed to like you. You aren’t attracted to every person, are you? Beauty is in the eye of the beholder but before that you’d have to start loving your curves. Be proud of whom you are and this confidence would help you attract a perfect match.

Stop making false assumptions: According to a survey conducted by a leading BBW dating site, over 60 percent men prefer dating a woman that has a little flesh. Skinny women and those with athletic figures don’t make the best life companions according to men. It is hard to not make assumptions but by doing so you’re only limiting yourself. Creating a hypothesis about what others like and dislike is more likely to have an impact on your chances of finding a match.

Be honest while posting pictures: While you might be tempted to post pictures from yesteryears, experts advise that it is better to fight this urge and be honest. Although you could take some cues and try to look a little slimmer by opting for different attire or using make up, make sure it doesn’t give a false impression. Starting your relationship with a lie is the worst thing ever.

Iterate your profile information in the most positive manner: Your profile should give others an impression that you’re a happy person. There are many terms that plus sized women can associate themselves with without going over the top – fluffy, full – figures, voluptuous, curvy – you could choose one that describes you best.

Be prepared for rejections: Rejections are part of the dating process, irrespective of whether or not you’re a plus sized individual. It is important to remind yourself that every person is rejected at some stage or another for different reasons. If you’re always blaming your size for being rejected, it’s time to stop that. Therefore, we advise you to date more, not less. Increasing your chances of finding a companion is only possible when you see more people and boost your chances of finding a match. Rejection hurts less when you have a date lined up next day.

In addition to the aforementioned points, we would also like to say that sporting a smile is essential as it would certainly create a positive and lighter atmosphere, which would definitely boost your chances of converting a prospect into a date or even a life companion.



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