5 Reasons plus sized women aren’t responding to your messages

People love online dating. It gives them the opportunity to give the kind of impression they want. You’re open to meeting new people and connecting with random strangers based on the information furnished in their profile. If you’re anxious about meeting new people in the real world, opting to a virtual space could be an excellent alternative. Moreover, you can find a companion based on your unique needs and preferences.

Having a charming photo and a profile that is virtually irresistible are prerequisites when it comes to finding an ideal match. There is nothing more frustrating than sending messages to people whom you view as a prospect and never hearing back from them. In fact, that is one reason why men completely quit online dating. After all, who wants to view an empty inbox, especially when you’ve worked hard to develop emotional attachment?

So, why aren’t plus sized women responding to your messages even though you love and appreciate their curves? Let’s have a look at a few reasons behind this:

You’re approaching a zombie: She’s gorgeous and single but hasn’t ever responded to any email that you’ve sent. Inactive profiles are one of the biggest problems on dating sites. These profiles look absolutely normal but the owner of that account hasn’t logged in since ages. Sending emails, messages, IMs, winks or e – greetings to this user is similar to ringing the doorbell of an abandoned house. Zombie profiles litter both paid as well as free dating services.

Your messages would be lost in the crowd: As a matter of fact there are lesser female users on dating sites than there are men. This means that women receive more messages than their counterparts do. If you use a generic subject line, there are chances that your messages would be lost in the crowd. A lot of girls delete messages just by looking at the subject line. Make sure you don’t make fun of her curves or speak about sex in the subject time. Show what you can offer rather than what you want.

You sent a generic message: In order to make a lasting impression, you’d have to write something by yourself that instantly strikes a chord. Girls receive a lot of messages and most of them aren’t very different. A majority of men opt for the stalking technique and send the same message to more than one woman. These copy-and-paste messages are a huge turn down as it shows that you haven’t paid any attention to the person whom you view as a prospective partner.

Your texting skills are in ruins: The only way to attract a plus sized woman or any person for that matter, on a dating site is through texting. There is nothing worse than failing to seduce a woman through words when you’re using the online medium of communication. Using non-standard English or abbreviations that only you know of would repel people. It is important that you show that you’re intelligent and smart.

Your Profile is terrible: What’s the first thing you do on receiving a message from another user on a dating site? You head on their profile and see if they’re worthy of your time, isn’t it? The same applies to women. Your BBW dating profile would certainly be scrutinized in order to determine its genuineness and suitability. So, what is it that you have to offer that others don’t? This is one question that needs to be answered through the text in your profile. Make sure you update your profile regularly; if not the bio at least a new status message would do the job. Regular activity wouldn’t give an impression that it is a dead profile.

Now that you know the reason as to why chubby or curvy women haven’t been replying to your emails, it’s time to do something about it. Follow the aforementioned guidelines and notice the difference for yourself. Last but not the least; do not ever make fun of their physique even when you’re in a lighter mood.


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