How to become a plus sized model?

A few years ago, the field of modeling was restricted to skinny girls and bikini – clad women. However, things have improved over the years and women of all shapes and sizes seem to get a fair chance. Plus sized models are between size 12 and 16. A woman who is 5’9” is considered perfect. If you’re looking to become a plus sized model, this article would certainly help you:

Is modeling the right industry for you?

There is a lot of difference between admiring models featured in fashion magazines and you being featured on the cover page of a magazine. It is essential that you understand that modeling isn’t everyone’s cup of tea and models go through a lot of hardships. If you’re sure that modeling is the right profession for you, go ahead!

Have a friendly photo shoot

This would help you decide if you’re comfortable before the camera when there is someone known around. When you can pose confidently for a friendly photo, you wouldn’t hesitate posing before a professional photographer.

Find out what suits your body type

Once you know that you’re photogenic and love posing, it is essential you find the right look.

·What kind of clothing suits you best?
·What type of hairstyle is perfect and easy to maintain? (make sure you have a versatile hairstyle as this industry would require you to keep changing hairstyles)

In addition to this, you’d also have to take care of split ends, cleansing your skin and exercise to tone areas.

Look out for a local modeling agency

If you have no prior contacts in the industry, it would be better to approach a local modeling agency and enquire about their precise requirements. Depending on the assignments they undertake, you can submit your photographs.

Scheduling a test shoot

Once you’ve managed to find the right modeling agency and you’re deemed fit for a modeling assignment, the next step would be to schedule a test shoot. You can either have professional pictures taken or ask a friend to take some amazing snaps. Make sure there is no one else in the photo and they’re absolutely clear. Regardless of whether you’re using a smartphone camera or a DSLR, you always have an anti – blur option that can be used to its potential. Include the following photos in your portfolio:

·A headshot
·One with a bright smile
·One full length photo
·Body shot in shorts or tank
·One photo in swimsuit

Being a plus sized model isn’t very difficult after all once you’re aware of all the essentials and above all, a step – wise procedure to becoming an amazing plus size model. You’d no longer have to wander from one agency to another when you strictly abide by the aforementioned guidelines. Besides, this would also ensure you get a kick – start in the industry without having to struggle.


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